Interurban trail, bridge planning progressing

Interurban trail, bridge planning progressing

By Steve Sharp

JEFFERSON -- Jefferson County Parks Director Joe Nehmer checked in with the Daily Times Friday afternoon to provide a winter update on the Interurban Trail Project and to state that, so far, approximately $600,000 has been assembled for the endeavor. He also stated the bridge project to the east of Watertown is progressing nicely.

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“The trail is open from Humboldt Street in Watertown to the Rock River east of County Highway E,” Nehmer said. “This has been completed thanks to the good work of the City of Watertown.”

Information relative to project coordinators’ planned bridge spanning the Rock River includes:

  • The determination the bridge will be a three-span structure.
  • Clear width will be 12 feet, with a loading component.
  • Floodplain coordination is complete.
  • The individual permit to construct the proposed bridge over a waterway has been submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “Critical components of this submittal included preliminary plans and specifications, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and the addressing of endangered and threatened resources,” Nehmer said.
  • Westbrook Associated Engineers, Inc. has undertaken final design, plans, specifications and bid documents while awaiting permit approval from the DNR.
  • Nehmer said he and other planners are anticipating plans and specifications will be ready to bid by early March.
  • If the weather and water levels cooperate, coordinators hope to have the bridge placed by early summer.

“When the bridge is in the rearview mirror, we expect to have expended approximately $500,000,” Nehmer said.

Of the remaining $100,000, $75,000 is designated for trail engineering in the 2018 Jefferson County budget.

“What I’m really trying to say is, we are nearing the point where our capital campaign efforts will begin anew,” Nehmer said. “Please know how much we appreciate everyone’s support and trust. We hope that you will continue to join us in this exciting effort to change where we live — the Watertown to Oconomowoc Interurban Project.”