Corporation Counsel

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In 1959, as authorized by s. 59.07(44), Wis. Stats.(1959), the County Board created the position of Corporation Counsel and appointed the first Corporation Counsel on a part-time basis.  In 1968 the County Board changed the status of the office of Corporation Counsel from part-time to full-time.  At the present time the Corporation Counsel serves as the legal advisor to the County Board, the County Administrator, all County Board committees, commissions and boards, and all department heads.  Legal services rendered by the Corporation Counsel are limited to governmental problems and do not extend to personal legal matters.  The following are some of the Corporation Counsel's specific areas of responsibility:

When authorized and directed by the County Administrator, act as Assistant County Administrator and provide direct supervision over certain County department heads.

Attend all meetings of the County Board and render legal advice and opinions to the County Board and various committees.

Prepare resolutions, ordinances, and reports as requested by County Board members or County Administrator.

Receive and answer requests for opinions and advice concerning powers and duties from County officers and employees.

Assist Zoning and Sanitation Department in the enforcement of zoning and sanitation laws, including the trial of contested matters.

Acquire highway right of way through voluntary purchase or condemnation.

Assist in the preparation of bids and contracts for public work projects or for services rendered to the County.

Assist the County Administrator in labor negotiations, grievances and other personnel matters.

Handle claims and suits against the County, including assisting the County's liability insurance carriers in the defense of claims and suits.

Collect delinquent taxes and foreclosure of real estate tax liens.

Collect third party claims and other collections for Human Services.

Collect unpaid service charges for various County departments.

Legal counsel for County in mental commitments and guardianship proceedings.