Motor Oil & Oil Filters

Oil, Oil Filters and Oil Absorbent Materials Banned from Landfill Disposal

1995: Wisconsin banned oil from being disposed of in landfills and required that it be recycled.
2011:  Wisconsin's new law, ACT86 bans oil filters and oil absorbent materials from being
disposed of in landfills and required that they be disposed of properly.

Here is a WDNR site for the proper disposal for recycling oil:

Wisconsin Counties Article - The article addresses problems at local collection sites.

Here are sites where they will recycle these products:

Clean Sweep in Jefferson County (look at the Clean Sweep schedule for sites & locations.)  $10.00 vehicle fee and you must register for Clean Sweep events.

Watertown Street Department - 811 South First Street. Please check in upon arrival at the office. Oil is accepted in the original container or empty/rinsed mild jugs. Oil filters may be placed in the receptacle adjacent to the oil bins. There is no fee for Watertown residents. Call (920-206-4270).    

Wal-Mart Supercenter #1776, 1901 Market Way, Watertown (when bringing oil or oil filters, use back door by garden center)  No charge for residents - up to 5 gallons of drain oil a day and no limit on filters.  This is the only Wal-Mart in Jefferson County that accepts these materials.

Automotive Recovery Plus Inc., N4982 Hwy 89, Jefferson, WI 
Possible small charge - also accepts anti-freeze.  (920-674-7800)

O'Reilly Auto Parts (Oil Filters, Oil and Vehicle Batteries)
  • Fort Atkinson, 1210 Madison Avenue (920-568-1187)
  • Janesville, 1930 West Court Street (608-373-3189)
  • Janesville, 2900 Milton Avenue (608-756-2312)
  • Jefferson, 117 West North Street (920-541-6192)
  • Watertown, 1107 South Church Street (920-261-1172)

There is no charge to recycle used motor oil (not mixed), transmission fluid, gear oil, oil filters, or automotive batteries at any O’Reilly location.

John's Disposal - Whitewater, WI
John's will pick up your oil filters if they are your contracted waste hauler on bulk day only.
Drain the oil filter as much as possible put in Ziploc bags and set with your oil.

Advanced Disposal - Fort Atkinson, WI 
Advanced will pick up your oil on recycle day if they are your contracted waste hauler.
Advanced does not recycle oil filters.
Call 920-563-4505

Moore Oil Environmental - 4033 W. Custard Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Call 1-414-462-6457 - also accepts anti-freeze

Rock Oil Refining - PO Box 105, Stratford, WI
Call 1-715-687-4198 - also accepts anti-freeze

Safety Clean - 3715 Lexington Avenue, Madison, WI
Call 1-800-822-9608 - also accepts anti-freeze

Other options - check with your local garage; they might take these materials for a small charge.