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     Glacial River Trail Bike Trail


    Jefferson County offers tremendous biking opportunities on the Glacial 

    River Trail.

    The Jefferson County section of the Glacial River Trail offers 15.9 miles of  paved, off-road trail as well as 17 miles of on-road, marked sections.  The trail is primarily located along Hwy 26. 

    Bikers, joggers, walkers, dog walkers and in-line skaters make heavy use of the trail, with some sections within Fort Atkinson plowed during the in the winter months. .  The trail passes by farmsteads, prairie flowers, wetlands, woods, over streams, and through an award winning covered bridge. 

    The trail starts in Rock County and travels the entire north-south corridor of Jefferson County, and further development within the next couple of years will extend the trail into Dodge County, connecting it to the Wild Goose Trail.

    The Glacial Drumlin Trail intersects the Glacial River Trail just north of the City of Jefferson.

    Glacial River Trail Mountain Bike Park

    Jefferson County identifies outdoor recreation as a major component of our local economic development activities.  Trails like these are good for our local economy, our health, and our environment. We look forward to seeing you!

    Volunteers will be critical in the development of this Mountain Bike Park.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with this new Mountain Bike Park, please contact the Parks Department at or at 920-674-7260 to get your name on our list.

    Mountain Bike Trail

    Beginner Trail Mountain Bike Trail
    Fun, fast warm up with a bit of spice to add if you want

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    Jefferson County Bike Map
    Community Bike Routes

    Update to the Jefferson County Bikeway/Pedestrianway Plan

    The Jefferson County Bicycle Plan Emphasis Summary, developed from the consultants technical findings, captures the key components of the plan. The Jefferson County Bicycle Plan Map is the recommended map and reflects the details of the Bicycle Plan Emphasis Summary.

    Jefferson County Bicycle Plan Emphasis Summary
    Bicycle Plan Map
    Jefferson County Bike Ped Plan - Technical
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    Appendix D

    We would like to recognize and thank our partners in this update project. 
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