Land Records Online

ATTENTION: “Our parcel data in our GIS is usually updated within 2-3 days of recording.  Please note though that the ownership information within the GIS may be slightly out of date as that is not updated as frequently.  Please refer to the Land Records Search Content for more up to date ownership data.


Please contact the Land Information Office – 920.674.7254 or Nicholl Ostopowicz ( if you have any questions or additional GIS needs.”


Jefferson County Web Services

Jefferson County Wisconsin Land Records Search, Geographic Information System (GIS) Public Viewer, Monthly Subscription Services and Tapestry provide access to property information stored in county databases. Jefferson County has made a reasonable effort to present an accurate view of these records. However, assessment, tax, title, survey and other land records used to compile these databases have imperfections which constrain the accuracy of some data. The County does not maintain City of Watertown tax data on daily basis. Contact the City of Watertown for the most current property taxes payments.


The accuracy of this data is limited to the quality of the records from which assembled. Other inherent inaccuracies occur during the compilation process. Jefferson County makes no warranty whatsoever concerning this information.

LAND RECORDS SEARCH CONTENT: The Jefferson County Land Record Search (JCLRS) Provides access to property assessment taxes and sales.

 (MOBILE READY) The Public GIS Viewer provides an interactive map portal to a variety of land related data including: roads, tax parcels, aerial photos, county zoning, soils, wetlands, flood hazards, terrain and more. The interactive map is not a substitute for an actual field survey by a registered land surveyor or an onsite investigation.  Jefferson County makes no warranty whatsoever concerning this information. This viewer is based on Javascript/HTM5 will run on most Windows, Apple, Android and IOS devices.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE – provides access to recorded documents and indexes in the Register of Deeds. It also provides property tax, assessment, ownership and permit data maintained by the Land Information Office, County Treasurer and Planning and Zoning Departments. For more information on subscription service options, contact the Register of Deeds Office.

TAPESTRY – REGISTER OF DEEDS PAY AS YOU GO SEARCHES: Searches for Register of Deeds indexes and documents can be done in Tapestry on a pay as you go basis by credit card. Grantee/Grantor searches by name will locate recorded documents back through 1987.  Tract Index searches by legal description will locate documents back to 2006.

Local assessor web sites provide structure information that is not available on the County Databases. Please See Related Web sites