Potter's Field

In 2001, the Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department became responsible for overseeing the old Potter's Field Cemetery. The cemetery served as a burial site for the County Poor Farm and County Asylum from 1856 through 1950. While there are several burial sites around the old County Farm, the largest site is located on the hill behind the University Extension building. This area was officially recorded as a State Historic Site in 2003. A walking lane has been established to the Potter's Field.  At the start of the trail, is a kiosk with information about the cemetery. Brush and box elder trees were removed from the burial area. White pine, maple and crabapple trees have been planted around the perimeter.

Commemorating the site, is a stone marker which was placed atop the hill in 2004. The Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department keeps a list of names of those thought to be buried at the Potter's Field.

Potters Field