Economic Support Programs Offered

Access : 
A how to guide for Wisconsin residents who need access to support services. It uses the internet and simple questions to determine possible eligibility for financial assistance programs, or to report changes if currently receiving benefits.

Food Share (formerly known as Food Stamps):
Food Share (formerly known as Food Stamps) (external website):Is a Federal Program that provides a monthly FoodShare allotment to low income customers. Eligibility is based upon income, household composition and shelter expenses. The eligible customer receives a QUEST card that is used to purchase food at grocery stores. Customers may be required to participate in the FSET program (FoodShare Employment and Training program).

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP):
Is a program that provides a one time payment during the heating season to customers below the 150% poverty level, who need help paying their heating costs. The energy payment is made directly to the fuel supplier. Energy Services, 402 Madison Avenue, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 (920) 568-0604 or 1-800-506-5596.

BadgerCare Plus/Medicaid:
Is a State and Federal program that provides the low income customer comprehensive, affordable healthcare. Numerous individual programs are included in Medicaid and they are the BadgerCare Plus program, Medicaid Purchase Plan, Family Planning Waiver and Medicare Beneficiary. The eligible customer receives a FORWARD card which is taken to the Health Care provider to verify coverage. Most Medicaid customers must participate in an HMO.

W-2 Payment:  
W-2 is a work program designed to help a participant find and keep a job in order to meet financial responsibilities. Total lifetime participation is limited to 60 months. Each eligible person will have to have regular contact with a Financial Employment Planner who will help to determine the level of work ability and to develop a plan to work toward self-sufficiency.

Wisconsin Shares / Child Care:
Assistance for childcare costs for those who are working, attending high school or looking for work. Single parent households will be referred to the Child Support Agency.