Youth Justice

The Youth Justice Integrated Services Team provides ongoing case management for youth on Juvenile Delinquency orders, Juvenile in Need of Protection or Services (JIPS) orders, Consent Decrees, Chapter 51 Orders, Deferred Prosecution Agreements, as well as voluntary cases.  The Juvenile Justice Team recognizes the dignity of each and every youth.  Being at the forefront of the statewide trend to move away from the punitive, “mini adult” probation model and provide a trauma informed approach to service delivery, the Jefferson County Juvenile Justice Team values: 

  • Engagement of youth and families
  • Trauma-Informed care
  • Goal-driven targeted case management
  • Family, treatment focused service delivery
  • Development of natural strengths and supports to enhance the positive, pro-social qualities of our youth
  • Trained and committed juvenile justice professionals and community partners
  • Community safety
  • Utilization of effective evidence-based strategies and promising practices
  • Fair and equitable treatment of youth and families
  • Continuum of services based on assessment of youth risk and needs
  • Prevention of youth involvement in the juvenile justice system
  • Joining with other systems, including but not limited to child welfare, education, and mental health, to provide a team approach to serving youth.

Our team strives to meet the unique needs of youth while assuring a safer society.  In line with the Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Practice Model, we utilize a risk assessment tool to identify risk factors early on, including prior adjudications, peer group, participation in prosocial activities, level of remorse, drug use, educational goals, family discontinuity and family’s involvement in the criminal justice system to be effective in preventing juvenile delinquency and future criminal behavior.  We understand the importance of working with youth, their families, and their support systems to enhance and encourage success.  The Juvenile Justice team is comprised of the Division Manager, Youth Justice Supervisor and eight Case Managers.