Criminal & Traffic

The Criminal and Traffic Division is responsible for felony, misdemeanor, and traffic/ordinance cases resulting from violations of State law or Jefferson County ordinances. The Circuit Court also hears cases for municipalities that do not have a municipal court, such as the City of Waterloo. Court records from this division are open to the public. The Criminal Division may be reached at 920-674-7155, and the Traffic Division at 920-674-8672.

How long are case files kept? Supreme Court Rules govern how long files are kept.

How do I find my case number and case information?

How do I get copies of documents in case files?

I received a traffic citation. Must I appear in court on the date set forth on my citation?

What will happen if I appear in court on the day of my citation?

Can I request a jury trial for my citation?

I'm worried about the points to be assessed against my driving record. How do I know if I'm in point trouble?

My driver's license has been suspended because I didn't pay my forfeiture. What should I do?

I posted a cash bond in a criminal action. How do I get my bond money back?

Can I pay my fine or forfeiture by credit card or on-line?