eRecording – Saves YOU money, time and provides security to your transactions!

How eRecording Works

Create your document entirely electronically or by using the traditional method of paper whichever way you prefer.

Scan or send the document(s) into the software provided by the vendors listed below.

The document is electronically sent to the county to review, record and it is electronically sent back to you with the recording information – this is all done within the hour sometimes even within minutes!

If the document is rejected for some reason you are notified right away allowing you to either correct the rejection reason immediately or enabling you to create a new document ASAP.  No more waiting for the mail; most often the rejection is corrected and resubmitted within the hour.

You can save the electronic document directly into your files – no more scanning on your end!

No time delays waiting for the mail, no more lost mail ~ everything is returned to you electronically the same day.

All electronic submissions are date and time documented, from start to finish – this helps you with your compliance requirements. 

You have also helped save the county money, no more postage, envelopes and staff time spent on returning documents – every bit we can do to reduce the tax levy is greatly appreciated!

Call me or any of the vendors listed below if you have any questions regarding eRecording - Get Started Today! 

Vendors that work with Jefferson County:

Approved Vendor  Contact   Phone Email  Website 
 CSC  Eugene Kim  866-652-0111
 ePN  Ben Sherman  608-616-2314
 Simplifle  Mark Moats  920-203-7746