Civil Process

JEFFERSON, WI  53549-1703

PHONE: 920-674-7339


Civil Process/Paper Service Form

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Support Services Division is responsible for serving legal papers on individuals such as subpoenas, complaint and summons, restraining orders, and various other papers.  Support Services is also in charge of the transport division and the court bailiffs.

The cost for serving papers is a flat fee of $60.00.  Additional papers served at same address will be $40.00 per service.  Prepayment will be required.  PLEASE BRING EXACT AMOUNT!

Minimum charge for Writs will be $75.00.  This includes service and one hour deputy standby time.  Additional deputy standby time is charged at $41.00 per hour.

Deposits for Writs of Restitution are:  $1,500 for an apartment; $2,500 for a house, duplex or mobile home.

For Civil Process papers being served by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, please download the "Identity Sheet for Civil Process/Paper Service" form.  Fill in as much information as possible to ensure accurate and prompt service.  After completing the form, attach it to all other paperwork needing to be served and deliver or mail the information to the Sheriff's Office.

To find out fees on writs, execution against property, and replevins please contact the Process office at 920-674-7339.

Sheriff sales on foreclosed properties are scheduled at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, except for the third Wednesday, of each month in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office main lobby.  Cost for a Foreclosure Sale is $150.00. To schedule a Sheriff's Sale, please contact Lynn at 920-674-7339.

All fees are non-refundable if you decide to cancel service once the papers are given to the Civil Process Division.