The Huber portion of the jail is used to house inmates with work release privileges.  Huber inmates sentenced in Jefferson County cases are charged $19.00 per day.  Huber transfers are charged $20.00 per day.  A $26.38 ($25.00 + tax) booking fee and a $8.00 drug testing fee will also be assessed at the start of a Huber inmate's sentence.  There are three deputies assigned to the Huber division, these deputies keep track of work schedules and help unemployed inmates (with work release privileges) find employment.

Huber inmates sentenced through the Jefferson County Courts starting sentences will need the following items to be released for work and/or child care.

  • Work letter on company letterhead to include:  hours of work, rate of pay, day(s) off and pay day.  Huber inmates going out for child care will need:  birth certificate(s) and work letter from the other child care giver.
  • Payment of $266.00 (2 weeks of Huber charges) plus $26.38 booking fee and $8.00 drug test fee (total:  $300.38) in cash or money order if sentenced for more than 30 days. If sentenced for 30 days or less, multiply the number of days sentenced by $19.00 plus the booking fee and drug test charge.
  • Child care payment is $64.58 per week for daily fees and an additional $10 per day when out on childcare due up front if sentenced more than 30 days.   If sentenced less than 30 days, multiply the number of days and add the booking fee and drug test charge.
  • Driver information from inmate or driver must include:  drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of current insurance.
  • Huber inmates can also bring a few changes of clothes.  Lockers are one foot wide, three feet high and 2 feet deep, and  provide minimum room for storage of clothing.  Locks are provided.
  • All Huber lockers are subject to random searches.

 Please contact the Huber division at: with any questions.