cert_t2Violence in today's State Prisons and County Jails is a reality. We can either ignore that reality or we can develop a plan and a strategy and be "prepared" to deal with these difficult situations as they arise. The men and women of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Jail Division are prepared to deal with that reality. 

Statistically 99.5% of all inmate and officer interactions are dealt with through presence and dialogue. It is the other .5% that we must also train for and be prepared to handle in a professional, responsible, and tactful manner. It takes a "TEAM" of men and women given specialized training and equipment to develop these needed skills, to ensure that the integrity, safety, and security of those detained and employed are upheld. 

Jefferson Counties C.E.R.T. Team has been activated since May of 1999. The Officer in Charge (OIC) of the team would be the sergeant on duty at the time of an incident. Due to the staffing limitations within the jail it has been necessary to certify all sworn and deputized staff assigned to the jail in C.E.R.T. operations. Jefferson County was one of the first jails in the State of Wisconsin to claim this accomplishment. 

Each officer must first attend the (24) hours of Principles of Subject Control (POSC) training that is required in the State of Wisconsin's Basic Jail Recruit Academy . Deputies then receive an additional (24) hours of specialized training in C.E.R.T. operations. Training includes:

  • Dynamic cell entries/pad-subduingcert_t1
  • Open area tactical team deployments
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Training in the intermediate impact weapon
  •  Training in soft-restraints (RIPP)
  • Tactical communication training 
  • Training in less lethal force options
  • Training in Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Professional Communications

"Always have a pre-practiced plan of response."
Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff
Captain Gary T. Klugiewicz