Dispatch and Warrants


The Jefferson County communications center is manned by nine full-time dispatchers and four part-time dispatchers.

The communications center is equipped with 911 enhanced which allows the dispatchers to see the number and address of the person placing the call.  The communications center also contains the national weather alert phone for Dodge and Jefferson counties. 

In 2014, the Communications Center handled: 5,849 EMS and 5,254 Fire calls, 18,299 calls for service for local police departments and surrounding Sheriff's offices, and 33,244 calls for service for the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office.  The total number of calls for service was 44,347. 

The Communications Center answers both non-emergency and 911 calls for 15 EMS, 15 Fire Departments, and up to 22 police/law enforcement agencies.  During 2014, the dispatch center responded to 96,426 non-emergency calls, 3,097 emergency phone calls, 2,859 landline 9-1-1 calls and 15,226 wireless 9-1-1 calls for a total of 117,608 phone calls within the communications center. 

Supervisor Todd Lindert