The Detective Division of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office consists of one captain, one detective sergeant and six detectives.  The responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting initial and follow-up investigations of suspected criminal activity, interviewing witnesses and suspects, prepare and execute search warrants, prepare reports for criminal complaints, collect and preserve evidence.  One of the detective positions is designated as a juvenile detective handling all juvenile matters.

Thefts, burglaries, domestic abuse and sexual assault incidents comprise the majority of investigations handled by the Detective Division.  In 2012, the division saw an increase in the number of theft complaints.  As in the past couple years, most of the thefts involved items containing copper and steel that could be scrapped at salvage yards.  Scrap prices remain high and the ability to easily sell these items to a variety of outlets continues to drive these types of thefts.

Also in 2012, the division was involved in a number of notable investigations that directly tied into the use of technology in our world.  The number of devices that are capable of producing, storing and distributing digital information and images is ever expanding.  These devices include computers, notebooks, netbooks, smart phones (iPhones, Android, Windows), tablets, iPods, iPads, portable hard drives and flash media (thumb drives and media cards).  Criminals have the ability to set up in any part of the world and engage in online scams and identity thefts.  They are able to use technology to create a cloak of anonymity.  As a result, the incidences of identity theft continue to rise as do cases involving child pornography, digital stalking and online harassment through social media sites such as Facebook. 

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Mission Statement

The Detective Division of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office strives to conduct thorough and timely investigations of criminal activity for citizens and visitors of Jefferson County.  We carry out our mission while honoring our Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, our Oath of Office and with a high degree of professionalism, integrity and compassion.  Our Detectives seek to effectively solve crimes through the application of their investigative skills and knowledge and are firmly dedicated to provide a high level of investigative services to all .