Cartridge Recycling - Ink - Printing

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Jefferson School District recycles ink cartridges 920-675-1041

Ink cartridges can be taken to Universal Recycling Technologies (URT)
2535 Beloit Avenue, Janesville, (WI I-90 South - Exit 177)
Phone 877-278-0799

Check where you purchased your cartridges and the store might take them back.

Office Depot and Staples will take back ink cartridges for recycling

Some Best Buys take back ink cartridges for recycling

The Solid Waste/Air Quality Committee of Jefferson County does not endorse or otherwise sponsor any of the businesses mentioned in this list.  The businesses mentioned have not been reviewed by the Solid Waste/Air Quality Committee for compliance with applicable federal, state, or local environmental laws.