Anonymous Reporting of Compliance Issues

Human Services Compliance Officer.


Nicole Singsime

PHONE: 920-674-7191

We at Jefferson County Human Services aim to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families living in Jefferson County by addressing their needs in a respectful manner, and enable citizens receiving services to function as independently as possible, while acknowledging their cultural differences.  In doing so, we ensure our work environment supports high standards of professional behavior and promotes dignity, integrity, fairness, respect, teamwork and safety.  Our programs and activities are funded by local, state, and federal monies and it is our duty to ensure that these monies are accessed, allocated, and reported in strict compliance with applicable statues, regulations and guidelines.  It is the primary duty of the compliance office to act promptly and to investigate and correct problems, errors, or violations as they become apparent.  In the end, the compliance office will voluntarily disclose to third party law enforcement or regulatory agencies violations of law, regulations or standards during investigations, audits and other situations where appropriate and legally required.   

As public employees, all JCHSD staff has a duty to safeguard the taxpayer monies coming from local, state, and federal sources.  In fact, the Jefferson County Employee Personnel Policy Sec. HR-0493 states,

 “ The County provides various mechanisms to assist and encourage employees to come forward in good faith with reports or concerns about suspected compliance issues. It is the policy of Jefferson County that harassment, retaliation or any type of discrimination or adverse action against a county employee (“whistleblower”) who makes a good-faith complaint about suspected violation of law or county ethics policy by an employee or county elected official; or provides information or causes information to be provided or assists in an investigation regarding violations of law; or files, testifies or participates in a proceeding related to violations of law; is prohibited”

 What types of concerns should be reported to the compliance officer?

  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Fraudulent billing
  • Privacy of employee and consumer records
  • Confidentiality of protected health information
  • Alteration or destruction of JCHSD records
  • Other violations of county or JCHSD policy

 What types of concerns should not be reported to the compliance officer?

  • Immediate threats to persons, property or the environment
  • Child/Elder Abuse complaints as those mechanisms are clearly located elsewhere on the county page

 How do you report and issue?

  • Talk to your direct supervisor, division manager, deputy director or director. 
  • Call the compliance officer at 920-674-7191
  • Use the anonymous reporting link below

 What happens if I make a report?

  • Your report is forwarded directly to the compliance officer in an untraceable format
  • Each report is taken seriously
  • Any further action is dependent upon a variety of factors including but not limited to the nature of the information provided, the details, accompanying documentation, and, if applicable, available policy.

 When reporting an issue, you may remain anonymous if you wish.  Agency policy, as well as federal and state law prohibits retaliation against employees who report concerns in good faith.

Reporting of Compliance Issue (Anonymously)

Please note:  the information you provide is completely anonymous and will only be sent to the Human Services Compliance Officer.   Thank You!

Anonymous Compliance Issue: