Public Health Program

Public Health Program

PHONE920-674-7275 for more information or to make a referral.
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Home Visits to Families             Families with                 Child Health &                 Children with Special
                                                           Newborns                    Development                    Health Care Needs

  Immunizations           H1N1         Brushing_Teeth        Girl_witih_Fingerpaints                                                                      
      Immunizations            Communicable Disease        Oral Health Services           Fluoride Varnish
                                                       Information                           for Children               Application for Children

   Window          Dripping Faucet            Health_Fair            Seminar
     Childhood Lead                 Environmental                  Presentations at                  Community Health
 Poisoning Prevention                 Health                              Health Fairs                              Education

 prenatal_care          Girls_playing_dr             forward_health_logo_smr
      Prenatal Care                     Well Child Clinics                       Referrals for Medicaid

 WIC - Women, Infants &         
     Children Program