Announcement Regarding SARs-Cov2/COVID 19 Vaccine Availability


We have received a large number of inquiries regarding the COVID-19 vaccine from those who would like to register, be placed on a list, etc. Currently, no such list or registration tool for the community at-large exists. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is working on a tool for vaccine registration, but we do not have a timeline for when we should expect this tool to be operating.

Due to a limited initial vaccine supply, individuals in the highest priority categories will be vaccinated first. These include healthcare staff with direct exposure to COVID-19, and long-term care facility residents who are at high risk from COVID-19. These categories are prescribed by the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC). 

At present, only one vaccine candidate has been approved. We expect a second vaccine candidate to receive approval imminently, after which additional details for vaccine allocation and distribution will be determined by DHS. It is anticipated that vaccination of prioritized groups will be ongoing for at least one month, and likely longer.

Staff at JCHD are glad to hear the community-wide enthusiasm for COVID-19 vaccination. We look forward to seeing you all at a vaccination site in the near future. As the production of vaccine continues and supply increases, any person who desires a vaccine for COVID-19 will be able to receive one. Stay tuned for public updates, which will be posted to the Jefferson County webpage, COVID-19 dashboard, and social media channels.

While we are excited to have options for vaccination soon, we must remember that the virus is still in circulation and that we must continue to follow public health best practices to stop the spread. Wear a face mask properly, maintain physical distance when around others who do not live with you, and sanitize or wash your hands with soap regularly. Above all, please stay home if you are sick or recently had symptoms of COVID-19. Free community testing will be available at the Jefferson County Fair Park - details can be found on the JCHD COVID-19 Dashboard.

JCHD COVID-19 Dashboard: