Intent to Harvest

Intent to Harvest

Intent to Harvest Form

State law requires all landowners to file a county cutting notice at least 14 days
prior to harvest. This notice must be filed with the County Clerk in the county
where the land is located. This notice includes all “raw forest products” including, but not limited
to, nursery stock, logs, pulpwood, firewood, and Christmas trees. County
cutting notices expire on December 31st each year.

The completed Intent to Harvest Form above may be completed and returned to the County Clerk's office in person or by mail.  

Per Wisconsin Statute § 26.03, penalties may be assessed for non-compliance.

State law prohibits the harvesting of raw forest products from tax delinquent
land (WI § 26.03 (1)(g)). Whoever violates this law shall forfeit not less than
$500 nor more than $10,000.

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