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Authorization for the County Clerk’s Office is listed under Wis. Stats. 59.23. The County Clerk’s office performs a variety of tasks, both statutorily required and not required, including:

Creates agendas for county board regular, special and standing committee meetings, under the direction of the county board chairperson or relevant committee chairperson

  • Keeps & records the minutes of county board meetings, including committee meetings
  • Acts as clerk at all County Board meetings
  • Apportions State and County taxes together with special charges to the municipal town/village/city clerks
  • Administers the entire election process and maintains accurate election records
  • Reviews, coordinates, administers and participates in negotiations of both contracts and claims for liability, and property insurance coverage for the County
  • Files county officers and department heads official oaths and code of ethics
  • Issues marriage licenses 
  • Compiles, prints, and distributes the official County directory along with monthly updating of directory on website
  • Acts as an agent to accept passport applications & passport photos
  • Issues property tax deeds and signs deeds transferring county property
  • Maintains county records, county contracts, official County Board Proceedings, etc.

This department functions under the direction of the County Clerk, who is an elected official. Policy guidance is provided by the Administrative and Rules Committee.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide services for the public including the administration and coordination of elections and issuance and distribution of various state licenses and permits dutifully and responsively and to serve the County Board and other departments by assuring completion of necessary support functions and management of records.