Welcome to the Jefferson County Circuit Courts

Clerk of Circuit Courts

         Cindy Hamre Incha

MISSION STATEMENT: To coordinate and manage the general legal proceedings and business operations of the Jefferson County Circuit Courts. The Circuit Courts have responsibility for all state, county and some municipal actions as provided under criminal, traffic, family, civil, juvenile and probate law under Wis. Stats. 59.40.

Our goal is to provide superior justice related services to all court participants and the general public.

    • Maintains the budget for the circuit courts
    • Maintains records of all documents filed with the courts in the CCAP system
    • Maintains a Judgment and Lien Docket
    • Collects various fees, fines and forfeitures ordered by the court or specified by  statute
    • Establishes and promotes procedures for reasonable access to court records
    • Maintains confidentiality of records
    • Coordinates the administration of juries
    • Manages the Law Library
    • Provides law books, subscriptions and computer applications for periodical reports of courts and research materials for use by Circuit Judges, attorneys, court personnel and the general public

Family & Circuit Court Commissioners

    • Provides Family Court Services
    • Presides at temporary orders hearings and other pre-trial proceedings in divorce, paternity and other actions and makes temporary orders on such matters as child custody and support, spousal support, use of the marital residence and other property, payment of debts
    • Presides at criminal court intake and preliminary hearings;  small claims return dates and trials and traffic and ordinance forfeiture cases.
    • Performs law clerk duties
    • Makes orders to narrow disputes and encourage early resolution; reviews and acts on domestic abuse and harassment temporary restraining orders; makes procedural orders
    • Performs initial hearings for Child Support actions

 Register in Probate/Juvenile

    • Authorizes all probate matters, guardianships, protective placements, mental,  alcohol and drug civil commitments and adoptions and termination of parental rights
    • Manages records for all juvenile delinquency and Child(ren) in need of protection/services case files
    • Responds to inquiries from attorneys and the general public
    • Reviews documents submitted for filing; collect fees
    • Enters data into the CCAP case management system
    • Monitor accounts for compliance with deadlines and legal requirements
    • Conducts hearings in probate proceedings for admissions of wills to probate,  contested matters such as objections to claims and takes minutes in Probate court

This department functions under the direction of the Clerk of Circuit Courts, who is an elected official. Policy guidance is provided by the Administration and Rules Committee.