What is a Non IV-D Case?

NON IV-D are family cases without Case Management Services (commonly called "child support services") from Wisconsin's Child Support program.

Families with minor children can apply for Case Management Services (see Parent or Guardian Application for Child Support Services under GENERAL INFORMATION and then FORMS) or pay the $35.00 wage assignment fee to have a wage assignment sent to an employer.

Additionally, Spousal or Maintenance only cases are NON IV-D but are NOT eligible to apply for Case Management Services with the Child Support Program. These types of cases must pay the $35.00 wage assignment fee in order for a wage assignment to be sent to an employer.

* Payment of NON IV-D wage assignment fees can be paid at or mailed to the Jefferson County Child Support Office or paid online. Please include your court case number on the check.


Participants are able to pay for your NON IV-D wage assignment fees ONLINE!!  Pay Now

Payment Types to pay your Support Obligations, for ALL NON IV-D Cases: 

1.  Pay online using a credit/debit card Pay Now
2.  Send in a check or money order to the Trust Fund: 
BOX 74200
MILWAUKEE, WI  53274-0200

*  Each check must be accompanied by the following minimum information:
Name and either
KIDS PIN number
Social Security number, or Court Case Number

It is preferable to send in payments with a payment voucher (which you should receive in the mail or can print when accessing CSOS).  You may contact the Child Support Agency for assistance in filling out or getting a payment voucher.