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New Ordinances Adopted

342.40 Abandoned Motor Vehicle Ordinance
2013-21 Abolish Coroner and create Medical Examiner
Chapter 10 Access Ordinance Chapter 10
2011-23 Adopting Ag and Land Use Plan
2010-19 Adoption of Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 18 Alarm Systems Ordinance
2004-27 Animal Waste Storage; Nutrient Management
2008-12 Approval Authority and Bill Payment Procedure
1996-36 Boating Ordinance
2010-03 Child Support Agency Fees
1984-10 Citation Ordinance
2012-06 Civil Service Ordinance
2001-20 County Board Chairperson Salary Increase
Chapter III County Board Rules of Order
2014-08 Criminal Justice Collaborating Council
1987-24 Emergency Management Ordinance
2001-26 Environmental Sanitation Ordinance
2013-26 Establish Procedure to Set Elected Official Salaries
Chapter 4 Ethics Ordinance
2009-03 Fair and Opening Housing Ordinance
1978-14 Floodplain Ordinance
Chapter 16  Health Hazard & Public Nuisance Ordinance
2005-02  Highway Commissioner Term
 2007-48  Historic Sites Preservation Commission
Chapter 15  Land Division & Subdivision Ordinance
2004-23  Maintenance & Board for County Jail Prisoners
2001-03  Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance
1984-11  Numbering Ordinance
1996-13  Optical Imaging Ordinance
1996-14  Parcel Identification Number
2005-20  Parking Ordinance
Chapter 8  Parks Ordinance
2013-28 Penalties for hazardous material discharges and reimbursement process for emergency responses
2004-26 Personnel Ordinance
Chapter 12 Private Sewage System Ordinance
Chapter 9 Prohibited Conduct Ordinance
2005-01 Purchasing Ordinance
Chapter 24 Rabies Ordinance
2014-14 Records Retention
2008-31 Regulating Use of Icebound Waters
Chapter 64 Reimbursement of Expenses
2005-38 Review of Condominium Instruments
1990-09 Sales Tax Ordinance
1997-05 Self-Organized Ordinance
2003-06 Smoke Free Air Act
2001-09 Supervisor Salary and Compensation
2001-13 Supervisory District Reapportionment
2002-12 Tax Foreclosure - Repurchase of Lands by Former Owners or Heir
199.20 Tax Liens, Enforcement and Collections Of
1983-16 Traffic Ordinance
Chapter 11 Zoning Ordinance

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