Korth Lane Project - Road is being rehabbed to provide better access to lake

By Steve Sharp


LAKE MILLS — Those who enjoy visiting Korth Park on the beautiful, historic shores of Rock Lake will soon be able to do so in a bit more comfort.

Through intergovernmental cooperation between Jefferson County and the town of Lake Mills, approximately one-half mile of Korth Lane — that road’s entirety — is being rehabbed to allow for better access to the popular destination.

“The road is worn out,” Jefferson County Parks Department Director Joe Nehmer flat out told the Daily Times Tuesday. “It will be milled and placed back down.”

After this, it will be overlaid with a new asphalt mat.

The town of Lake Mills and Jefferson County have been aware of problems with the road for years.

“Not only is it worn out, but it is also too narrow,” Nehmer said.

The town of Lake Mills and Jefferson County are sharing, equally, in the cost of improving the road.

“In addition to this,” Nehmer said, “the town has secured funding from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to assist with the cost of road improvements. A final funding source will be the three ‘Brew with View’ events at Korth Park this year.”

Tyranena Brewing of Lake Mills hosts these events for Jefferson County.

Korth Lane is a town road, but the vast majority of traffic on the road is associated with the use of Korth County Park.

“This partnership is not exactly new,” Nehmer said. “A number of years ago, the town and the County partnered to build a significant parking lot on the north end of Rock Lake. The parking lot is owned by Jefferson County, but serves a primary purpose of parking vehicles and trailers that launch at a town-owned boat launch. In this situation, the town, the county and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources split the cost of the project. We believe these partnerships result in the delivery of public services in the most responsible manner possible.”

Roadwork related to the project is being done by the Jefferson County Highway Department.

“Jefferson County deeply appreciates the partnership with the town of Lake Mills,” Nehmer said. “We believe these types of intergovernmental cooperation will play a bigger role in our future.”