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The County Administrator form of government was established in Jefferson County in October, 1969, by County Board Resolution No. and amended by Resolution No. 12, April 21, 1970. This resolution was adopted pursuant to s.59.18, Wisconsin Statutes to provide full-time administrative assistance to the County Board of Supervisors and others.

Function as an support to the County Board and perform the duties assigned under the general supervision of the County Board Chairperson, the Administrative Committee and the County Board.

Provide guidance to department heads and assist the Finance Committee in reviewing the annual Recommended Budget.

Assist the Human Resources Committee in carrying out the provisions of the Human Resources Ordinance adopted by the County Board, including hiring, promotion and discipline of employees and labor negotiations.

Serves as Purchasing Agent and will administer the Purchasing Ordinance as presently constituted and as may be hereafter modified by the Board.

Appoint certain department heads and members of certain boards and commissions, subject to confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors.

Serve as Chief Labor Negotiator. County employees are represented by seven labor bargaining units: Countryside, Countryside Professional Nurses, Courthouse, Health Department Professionals, Highway, Human Services Professional Employees and Sheriff's Department.

Prepare, assemble, print and distribute the County Board Meeting Agenda and weekly committee/board/commission meeting schedule and agendas.

Review and approve appointment of all personnel in County positions.

Remove, discharge, or suspend any department head in consultation with the County Board's Human Resources Committee.

Ensure that department heads are performing their duties.

Prepare and submit an annual County Budget to the County Board.

Staff certain committee meetings on a regular basis or when needed.

Review all requests for additional County positions and make recommendations concerning these positions.

Review grievances at the second step and render written decision on same.

Staff County Board Meetings.

Coordinate and direct by administrative order or otherwise, all administrative and management functions of the County government not otherwise vested by law in Boards or Commissions, or in other elected offices.

Enforcement of Wisconsin Statutes 101.123.

The County Administrator is appointed by majority vote of the County Board on the basis of qualifications, education and experience for government administration.  The County Administrator shall not be engaged in any employment or business during his term of office.

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