Environmental Health Program

Environmental Health Program

The Jefferson County Health Department works in partnership with the City of Watertown
Department of Public Health for Environmental Health Services through the
Jefferson County Environmental Health Consortium.
Environmental Health Specialists provide community outreach and
education on environmental health problems.

As agents for the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Sanitarians and Environmental Health Specialists from the Consortium inspect and issue a license for all retail food establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, public swimming pools, hotels, motels, campgrounds and tattoo establishments.
Facilities must be inspected and licensed before operating.
Below are the links to the Administrative Rules for licensing.

Hotels, Motels & Tourist Rooming Houses (ATCP 72)

Bed & Breakfast Establishments (ATCP 73)

Retail Food Establishments (ATCP 75)

Safety, Maintenance & Operations of Public Pools & Water Attractions (ATCP 76)

Recreational & Educational Camps (ATCP 78)

Campgrounds (ATCP 79)

Tattooing & Body Piercing (SPS 221)

Temporary Food Application

Link to DATCP "Food Scoop" Bulletin regarding Mobil and Temporary Restaurants


I belong to a nonprofit organization and we are planning on selling hot dogs at a band concert.
Does the nonprofit organization need a license/permit?

Nonprofit organizations that prepare, serve, or sell meals up to 3 days,
or retail foods up to 12 days

during any 12 – month period are exempt from licensing.

 New Fee Schedule for Licensed Facilities

Letter to Operators Regarding Fees and Reinspection Fees

Any questions or complaints should be directed to:

Jefferson County Environmental Health Consortium

Food & Restaurant Information
Recreational Facilities
(Campgrounds, Recreational Educational Camps, Lodging, Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels and Motels, Tourist Rooming Houses, Swimming Pools & Water Attractions)
Tattoo & Body Art Information

Environmental Health Specialists respond to problems affecting the general public such as:

  • Human health hazards
  • Lead poisoning
  • Radon and asbestos in buildings
  • Trash, garbage and junk
  • Rats and other vermin
  • Rabies control & animal bites
  • Solid waste
  • Water pollution
  • Indoor and outdoor air pollution
  • Housing issues
  • Flooding
  • Fires in Licensed Establishments
  • Concerns regarding Licensed Establishments such a Fires or Flooding
  • Chemical spills
  • Natural disasters


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