GeoCaching Policy

Geocaching Placement Permit Form  The Jefferson County Parks Department is pleased to promote the use and enjoyment of its parks and open spaces by GeoCaching enthusiasts through this comprehensive guide for permit applications and cache placements. 

GeoCache Placement Guidelines

  • A GeoCache Placement Permit must be filled out including an original signature before a cache is placed in any Jefferson County Park. This can be done in person or through the mail at the Jefferson County Parks office at: 311 S. Center Avenue, Jefferson WI, 53549 Room 204
  • There is no cost to acquiring a permit for GeoCache placements located within the Jefferson County Park system. A permit authorizes the placement of three caches. 
  • Upon application the following pertinent information will be required:
    • Recipients name, address, and phone number
    • Name of park the cache will be placed in
    • Date of cache placement
    • Contents of the Cache
    • Name of the Cache
    • Coordinates the cache will be located in NAD87 Latitude and Longitude or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).
  • A copy of the approved permit must be placed with the cache, either in the log book or inside the container. 
  • Containers and hiding locations should be chosen wisely to avoid citizen alarm.  The use of all pipe, PVC and metal is forbidden. 
  • Be careful to not disturb the surrounding environment in any way when placing a cache, including digging holes, cutting of vegetation, or attaching a cache to a tree in a manor that may harm the tree.  Example, no nails in live trees. 
  • All caches must be placed within 30 feet of existing developed trails and paths.
  • Respect the trails, and try to avoid cache placements that will promote the development of new "social trails" to and from the cache site.
  • Maintain your cache in a family friendly manor.  Offensive, illegal or dangerous materials are never allowed in any cache. 
  • A new permit is required if a cache is moved, even to an area within the same park. 
  • The Parks Department must be notified if a cache has been removed from the park. 
  • The JCPD is not responsible for any vandalism or damage that may occur to caches located in our parks. 
  • No GeoCache placements will be allowed within the Wisconsin State Historical Society cataloged burial sites and Native American mound groups located within Jefferson County Parks.   
  • Pursuant to Wisconsin State GeoCache regulations (Form 2500-118) "Caches are never allowed in State Natural Areas".   For a list of all State Natural Areas, including those found in Jefferson County Parks visit:
  • Please maintain our parks by promoting the Cache In/Trash Out principles and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Jefferson County Park System.

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