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Barb Frank

County Clerk Barbara A. Frank

Jefferson County Courthouse  
311 S. Center Ave. Rm. 109  
Jefferson, WI 53549  
Phone: (920) 674-8630  
Fax: (920) 674-7368  
Monday - Friday Hours  
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM  

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This department functions under the direction of the County Clerk, who is an elected official.


Authorization for the County Clerk's Office is listed under Wis. Stats.  59.17. The County Clerk's office performs a variety of tasks, both statutorily required and not required, including:
  •  Act as Clerk at all County Board Meeting
  • Apportion State and County taxes together with special charges to the municipal town/village/city clerks by December 1st each year.
  •  Prepare and distribute ballots and the canvass/return of votes in all elections
  • Filing County Officers official oaths and code of ethics
  •  Issue marriage, domestic partnership, dog, and Department of Natural Resource (DNR) licenses including ATV, UTV, Snowmobile and Boat Registration 
  • Compiles, prints, and distributes the official County directory along with monthly updating of directory on website
  • Issue temporary auto/truck license plates
  •  Issue passports and passport photos 
  •  Issue property tax deeds and sign deeds transferring County property
  • Files bills presented for consideration in State Assembly and Senate 
  •  Reviews, coordinates, administers and participates in negotiations of both contracts and claims for workers compensation, health, dental, liability, and property insurance coverage for the County 
  • Publish required election notices in newspapers 
  • Provides services to 13 towns/villages/cities under the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) 
  • Program voting machines for both standard and handicapped accessible machines.

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